What has NAPB been doing for you?

  • During the summer months and up to now, NAPB board members have attended EVERY Royal Poinciana Way Committee meeting in an attempt to represent the interests of our residents.


  • NAPB hired a highly respected zoning lawyer, Nancy Stroud, to analyze the  zoning changes and the proposed PUD 5 proposal that Pucillo was spearheading on the RPW Committee.  She also prepared an alternative plan that would rejuvenate RPW without overdeveloping it.


  • NAPB hired an Architect, Ana Gelabert, to present graphic comparisons of RPW as it is now and how it would look under the PUD 5.


  • NAPB hired a student photographer to take photos of RPW BEFORE and AFTER shots with the PUD 5 height/mass differences.


  • NAPB board member(s) attended every meeting related to the closure of the NORTH Bridge.


  • NAPB has maintained a partnership with the SOS (Save Our Shores) group in the South End in an attempt to make sure the Town utilizes the best engineered plans for the beaches.


  • NAPB board members attended various Commission and Council meetings throughout the year to stay abreast of all decisions being made in the Town.


  • Assisted the Seminole Avenue residents in their concerns over Temple Emanuel’s use of their street for a parking lot and the use of a garden for a function room – both of which, are causing havoc with the Seminole neighborhood.


  • Worked with the Civic Association to stop Peanut Island activities (helicopter rides and potential bar/restaurant development) that affected Palm Beach.


  • Plan and host the annual NAPB Cocktail party as an informational session for our members and potential members.


  • Rallied over 500 residents to send in signed affidavits and attend the Council meeting that STOPPED the Testa development plan last November.


  • Continue to send mass NAPB emails and update the Webpage (www.NAPB33480.org) to inform our residents on critical issues. 





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