Show up in RED to STOP Over-Development

The Town Council will hear the first reading of 2 ordinances relating to development on Royal Poinciana Way. One will change the comprehensive land use plan and the other will create the Royal Poinciana Overlay. NAPB urges you to attend and to wear RED to show your opposition to both of these ordinances which if adopted will increase densitybuilding height and encourage massive out-of-scale redevelopment on Palm Beach’s historic and town-serving Main Street.

  • 91% of tax revenues are paid by residential property owners who do not want these changes which serve only to create windfall profits for a few commercial property owners.
  • The street is fully occupied with the exception of the gas station. This commercial area was built to serve the residents 100 years ago and a majority of residents use this area daily.
  • The shops are succeeding because their rents are affordable and they sell everything from newspapers to orange juice to reasonably priced clothing. They will be gone with redevelopment where rents will double to pay back the investment.
  • Palm Beach is at a crossroads with a powerful minority backing redevelopment on a large scale that greatly rewards a very few, at the expense of the majority of residents who see no benefit at all. Strength in numbers will get the attention of those in a position to make town-changing decisions. All of us must show them that the taxpayers want a small, premier residential community with town-serving retail in scale with the authentic and historic charm of Palm Beach.
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