Happy New Year to everyone! It is a NEW year with the same OLD issues.

Royal Poinciana Way (the original Main Street of Palm Beach) continues to be under siege by the threat of over-development. Councilman Pucillo, Chairman of the RPW Committee, seems intent upon increasing the density by over 100% of what is currently present on RPW (from 6 units/ acre to 13 units/acre). He is also leading the charge to increase the building height to 3 stories versus the 1-2 stories currently permitted.

NAPB hired a highly respected land use/ zoning lawyer (Nancy Stroud) to review the proposed PUD (Planned Unit Development) approach that Pucillo has been supporting to redevelop the street. Ms. Stroud has presented a report that clearly indicates that the PUD approach is not the best way to ensure the desired outcome on the street, since it permits too much negotiating and interpretation rather than following a defined zoning code that will ensure a result that our residents would prefer. To that end, NAPB has submitted, via Attorney Nancy Stroud, a more realistic plan to provide rejuvenation of RPW without total redevelopment, by using our existing CTS code with a special subset of conditions that would apply specifically to RPW (no Comp Plan changes would be required).

NAPB is not in favor of increasing the density and height on RPW since it goes totally against the town’s Comprehensive Plan that has protected our town from overdevelopment for many years. It is clearly stated throughout the Comprehensive Plan that:

“To prevent critical and dangerous overuse of its streets, parking resources, public services and facilities, and damage to its historic character and to overall property values of the community, the Town will take all technical and administrative measures legally available, including the use of the Comprehensive Plan, to minimize the change or transition of existing low-density areas or structures to more intensive use patterns, and thereby lower the pattern of density, where possible, and to minimize tourism inflow.”

Pucillo is proposing a major change to the Comprehensive Plan to permit an increase in density. This change will set a terrible precedent throughout the town since the Comp Plan is the bible/guideline that governs how the entire town proceeds now and in the future. The Comp Plan is so important to every town that it must be registered with the State in Tallahassee. Any and all changes must go to Tallahassee for approval.

Residents MUST be aware of how serious this change to our Town and Comprehensive Plan will be. It will change our Town forever. PLEASE watch this issue carefully as NAPB will continue to support rejuvenation versus gross overdevelopment. If you area interested in helping NAPB in this effort, please contact us by emailing info @ NAPB33480.ORG

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