Development pressures a continuing concern

NAPB was formed in part as a reaction to the general pro-development stance of many of our Town Council members. That a vote by 3 of 5 Town Council people could determine the salvation or ruination of our town consolidates too much power in the hands of a few.  Once again the Spiegel/Munder group is seeking redevelopment of the Plaza with condominiums on the waterfront.  To put fear in the hearts of the Councilmen, they have threatened to partner with none other than Donald Trump.  The Palm Beach Towers Condominium Association considers this potential attack on the Comprehensive Town Plan and the disregard for the 1979 agreement with Plaza owner, Spiegel, so serious it has retained the firm of Boies, Schiller should a suit with the Town become necessary.  Preservation of the scale and residential character of the town, upholding the zoning and enforcement codes should be the purpose of the Town Council.  Revitalizing the Poinciana area must not come at the expense of our zoning protections.  The majority of our members do no want 5-story height allowances, potential condominiums on top of every commercial space in town, or commercial development at the expense of the residents’ quality of life.

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