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A VERY important issue is coming before the Town Council on Wed. Mar.9th at 9:30 when the Council will consider Ordinance 5-11 for FINAL APPROVAL. This ordinance, if passed, would allow property owners in the 200 Block of Peruvian Avenue and the entire Commercial-Town Serving district of Bradley Place to change from retail use to commercial use WITHOUT seeking a variance. The upshot of this would be the loss of control over land use planning which has distinguished Palm Beach as a most desirable place to live and shop. Why would the Council want to relinquish the power to review and grant variances-the first time in Council history? Does this constitute spot zoning? How will this affect adjacent properties which cannot change their use status without a variance? Will this ordinance have a domino effect? How or will property owners be notified of adjacent zoning changes? What are the parking implications? If the Planning and Zoning Commission has twice turned down this ordinance, the Chamber of Commerce is against it as well as The Preservation Society, then who is for it, who is benefiting and at whose expense?

The Palm Beach Daily News Sunday, Mar.6, 2011 published a very clear, concise letter by A. Seltzer which outlines in detail the issue. Please read the full letter by clicking here.

We urge you to attend the Town Council meeting and voice your opinion that this ordinance should not be adopted. If you are unable to attend, please contact the Town Council at this link: (Palm Beach Town Manager) asking him to forward your message to all Council members.

This ordinance, if passed, will become law in 31 days. It could have profound unforeseen, unintended and undesirable consequences. Let’s make the Council retain the zoning ordinances now in place which have protected our town and reject this ordinance.

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