What has NAPB been doing for you?

During the summer months and up to now, NAPB board members have attended EVERY Royal Poinciana Way Committee meeting in an attempt to represent the interests of our residents.   NAPB hired a highly respected zoning lawyer, Nancy Stroud, to analyze the  zoning changes and the proposed PUD 5 proposal that Pucillo was spearheading on the RPW Committee.  She also prepared an alternative plan that would rejuvenate RPW without overdeveloping it.   NAPB hired an Architect,... Read More

What is happening with Royal Poinciana Way?

The Royal Poinciana Way (RPW) committee has completed its process and Councilman Pucillo (Chair of the RPW committee) will be presenting his recommendations to the Town Council on Thursday, March 14th at 11:00 am. The committee voted 6-1 to approve the PUD (Planned Unit Development). Susan Markin voted against the PUD plan stating the PUD plan gives too much density and height increases that will promote demolition and a total change/disruption to RPW. She felt that changing the... Read More


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