Beach Erosion

Beach nourishment generally takes place approximately every 8 years depending on need.  65% of the cost is paid by the Federal Government and the rest by Florida and Palm Beach County. The State and County revenues come from the documentary tax on the transfer of real property and the bed tax. Both of these revenue streams have shrunk significantly. Further, there are ways to avoid ‘doc taxes’ altogether. Local governments are unlikely to be able to raise the amount... Read More

The Case for Code Enforcement and Historic Preservation

At 10 AM on Friday, November 19, 2010, Palm Beach lost a 120 year old friend and good neighbor.  That is the time and date of the demolition of the Old Golf Clubhouse at 45 Cocoanut Row. That once proud building stood since the 1890’s and had the unique distinction of being the first golf clubhouse in the entire state of Florida.  The building was the home of many activities in Palm Beach; the clubhouse for the Old Guard Society; offices for the Town’s building department;... Read More

Florida voters and NAPB in tune on November’s Constitutional Amendments

NAPB members received a mailing prior to the November elections explaining the 6 Amendments that were on the ballot and made recommendations.  The results were as follows: Amendment 1 which sought to repeal public financing of some campaigns was retained by the voters of the State supporting NAPB’s recommendation. Amendment 2 which gave additional homestead exemption to our military passed and was supported by NAPB. Amendment 4 which sought to put control of major changes to... Read More

Development pressures a continuing concern

NAPB was formed in part as a reaction to the general pro-development stance of many of our Town Council members. That a vote by 3 of 5 Town Council people could determine the salvation or ruination of our town consolidates too much power in the hands of a few.  Once again the Spiegel/Munder group is seeking redevelopment of the Plaza with condominiums on the waterfront.  To put fear in the hearts of the Councilmen, they have threatened to partner with none other than Donald... Read More

Mayor announces his retirement

Mayor Jack Mcdonald has announced his retirement and will not seek another term as mayor. Gail Coniglio is the only candidate thus far to announce her candidacy for mayor.  Read More


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